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Should Your Hypnotherapist Be Trained in Psychotherapy and/or Counselling

Should Your Hypnotherapist Be Trained in Psychotherapy and/or Counselling

This is a question that I have researched  and have revisited several times. When I first qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1989, my answer to this question would have been no. The reason for that is that when I was trained I had impressed upon me that hypnotherapy was superior in pretty much every way to all other forms of therapy. I was young and simply accepted it.

As I got older and I believe wiser, I came to the conclusion that hypnotherapy without some form a psychotherapeutic base is really not all that effective. In reality, without it, hypnotherapy is a guessing exercise as to what will best suit the client and not about how we best help our clients to transform.

I am not suggesting that all hypnotherapists should also be qualified psychotherapists and/or counsellors. The fact that I am, however, I believe makes me a better therapist. I am suggesting that training schools should at least cover the basics of psychotherapeutic thought and theory to better equip those graduates that they are sending out into the world. In my view, a therapist never stops learning and training. If he or she is to truly know their craft, it is a lifetime of commitment to study and self reflection.

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