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The Importance of Acceptance

The Importance of Acceptance

I am a solutions and outcome based therapist, by which I mean my therapeutic goal and philosophy is to help people to move toward their desired outcome. This may mean that I look at past situations but as a general rule, I am more interested in today and tomorrow than I am about yesterday.

One of the most important elements of my work is to help people to accept where they are currently with regards to their issue and their lives. Acceptance can be a misunderstood concept. To accept does not mean that one has to like the situation nor believe that things are going to stay stagnant.

Acceptance means facing where you are at the moment. If one does not accept where they are then it is far more difficult to move forward. One has to be honest about where they are emotionally, psychologically and yes even physically when it comes to the challenges that they face. Acceptance give the client a marker to use as a means of determining how they are progressing.

I know that we are often minded to deny how we truly feel, “get hold of yourself” “be a brave solider” are common self suggestions which we are taught from our youth. However, it is perfectly ok and healthy to admit when you are not at your best. So accept where you are today, so you can be where you want to be tomorrow.

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