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A Little Sunday Positivity

A Little Sunday Positivity

I had a message from one of my regular readers of my posts who commented that the past couple of postings seemed negative in comparison to the posts I usually write. As I thought about this I realised that she was correct, my posts had a more negative tone on them than I would like, so I give you a positive one today.

I am teaching this weekend the newest course offering at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, the Certificate in Hypnosis for Psychotherapists and Counsellors. This is a course which is not designed to qualify participants as hypnotherapists (although there is a route to do so for those interested). The purpose of this course is to help psychotherapists and counsellors integrate hypnosis into their current clinical work.

When Fiona Biddle and I came up with this idea, we could not have predicted it’s popularity. The first course has sold out and the second is well on the way to doing so. Forgetting economics, I would like to believe that this course gives other psychotherapists an insight into the way hypnotherapists and hypno-psychotherapists work. This insight can lead to greater understanding which I hope will foster even better relationships between psychotherapists and hypnosis professionals.

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