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What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name

Many people have a great fascination regarding the subject of hypnotherapy, hypnotism and hypno-psychotherapy. You will notice the common denominator in these words is hypno. Hypno, comes from the ancient Greek god, Hypnos who in mythology was the god of sleep.

The name Neuro Hypnosis or nervous sleep was coined by the physician James Braid in 1846 in his book of the same name. At the time people who were undertaking a form of mesmerism appeared to be in a state of nervous sleep. Over time, he changed his view in that the “healing phenomena” associated with hypnosis came from a focus of singular attention known as mono idealism. That name never took off and the double edge sword of hypnosis was born

For many people who consult people like me are seeking what they have witnessed on TV or in the movies. I can tell you as I tell them hypnosis is nothing like what you see on television. A person remains awake and aware and in full control of their senses. At no time is a person under the power of the hypnotist (hypnotherapist).

Whilst it is an advantage that hypnosis has a good recognition factor with the public, it is essential that you know what to expect in order to not be disappointed with the process.

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