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Is Spirituality Good for Mental Health

Is Spirituality Good for Menal Health?

I have been asked by student and client alike about the importance or not of spirituality with regards to good mental health. I say that some form of spirituality is a very good and in some aspects an essential thing to have in order to be mentally healthy.

I should emphasise at this point that what I mean by spirituality is not to do with any particular belief system or religion. It is a broad term which I use to encompas a belief in something greater than the self.

For many people they strive to be successful in the various parts of their lives which require success, be that professional or personal success. When these people achieve it, the feeling they have is often an empty one as the accomplishment feels limited and not something that fulfills a greater purpose in their lives.

With the more secular focus in society and the general convention to focus on ourselves we may have lost the idea that we may be part of something bigger and that a belief in this can actually bring peace of mind and a greater sense of purpose.

The practising of the mindfulness concept of being in the here and now is a very good place to gain a grounding for any potential spiritual belief to sprout from. Whether you believe you are spiritual or not, perhaps you might like to look at where you fit into the world and see if you are content with it. If not, perhaps you might like to expand your view and see what you experience.

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