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Can Hypnosis Help With Anger Management

Can Hypnosis Help With Anger Management

One of the potential by-products of our high stress and high achieving lifestyle seems to be a rise in people having difficulty with controlling what is in effect inappropriate anger. I suppose the first thing to ask is “What is inappropriate anger?” Well the short answer is in appropriate anger is any anger which serves no purpose or its expression is disproportionate to the situation.

But isn’t all anger inappropriate, I hear you ask. This is a common misconception, anger is not a negative emotion in and of itself. Sometimes it is appropriate, very appropriate to express and experience anger. Indeed, I have had clients who found it difficult to express anger at all, and this can be as big a problem as expressing it inappropriately from a health perspective.

As with most things, balance is required when it comes to anger. Through using hypnosis with psychotherapy a client can learn how to assess the appropriateness of their anger response before it manifests itself which gives the client a far greater sense of control. Once this control is managed, hypnosis can again be used to mentally rehearse situations which the client would normally express anger in an inappropriate way. This approach is similar to those we use with athletes in order to assist in their performance.

So, if you are finding anger a difficulty, why not try hypnosis and see if you can get a grip on it.

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