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Two Words You Don’t Want To Hear Together

Two Words You Don’t Want To Hear Together

There are many words which would fall into the category which I have titled this blog, some are more humorous than others. However, there are some words that send a chill up the spine when we hear them together and cause us to have a serious look at the circumstances which are attached to them. In this blog, I refer to the words, teens and suicide.

For those of us who have long since passed our teenage years, we can have a tendency to look back over those years with unfettered joy and say thing like “back in the day, things were better than they are now”. As a psychotherapist, I hear this very often from my clients.

There was a report on the BBC today which is linking exam stress as being the causes of teen suicides. Whilst, of course it is necessary for teens to be examined for the future of their education, I cannot help wonder if we as a society are poorly preparing them to meet the stressful rigours which come from these tests. After all, I see many adult clients who find the pressure of assessment to be something that brings them to my office. One wonders if this might have started earlier in life and had there been more support for these clients when they were teens would they suffer so now as adults.

There must be research into how stress interventions can be rolled out to protect our teens for the pressure that we adults place on them.

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