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To Eat Fat or Not That is the Question

 To Eat Fat or Not That is the Question

One of the more common issues which comes through my office is the desire for clients to be able to manage their weight effectively. For most coming to a hypno-psychotherapist or hypnotherapist is not the first port of call. Usually, people who struggle with their weight have undertaken many other forms of treatment in order to attempt to gain control over this “weighty” issue.

The common denominator of the clients I see for weight issues is that of confusion. Dietary advice seems to change on almost a weekly basis. Eat red meat don’t eat red meat. Fish is good then not good. And any other combination of good and bad things to eat and drink, leaves the average person lost and confused.

Today an influential charity has stated that the low fat diet has caused more harm to public health than good. Thus causing an intense debate as to the rights and wrongs of this statement. Hypno-psychotherapists and hypnotherapists do not give dietary advice, we help to motivate people to achieve their weight management goals. However, one can say with certainty that no matter the advice the weight loss formula is the same, one must ingest less calories than one burns off to lose weight.

So perhaps the question is not whether fat foods make us fat, perhaps the better question is “How can we motivate ourselves to be more physically active?”

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