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Hypnotherapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Hypnotherapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Usually when a person has a phobia, they know that the trigger is (for example: fear of snakes or speaking in public) but with generalized anxiety disorder, the exact cause of the anxiety is not always so clearly defined. Sometimes, but not commonly, a person will know the root cause of their generalized anxiety, like a traumatic car accident that happened years ago.Some symptoms associated with this type if disorder include, but are not limited to: a nervous though pattern, increased heart rate, feeling out of control, and a heightened sense of impending danger. Insomnia, nausea, blurred vision, dry mouth are also symptoms associated with GAD.

Hypnotherapy can treat generalized anxiety disorder by restoring control. This type of treatment will teach a person how to slow down mentally and turn down the volume of screaming anxious thoughts that are plaguing the mind. You will feel more peaceful and calm and these positive feelings will allow you to enjoy your day more effectively.The main goal for using hypnotherapy to treat generalized anxiety disorder is to desensitize the overactive feeling that there are threats all around. It helps the brain form new thinking patterns and how it reacts to outside stimuli in a positive manner. The negative cycle is broken and your mind is filled with positive feelings about yourself and the world you live in.Once your mind is retrained to experience calmness and inner peace, feelings of anxiousness will become minimal.

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