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Uses of Mindfulness

Uses of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is basically purposeful thinking. Awareness and mindfulness are often used interchangeably, but they are different. For instance, I can be aware of the fact that I’m feeling irritable, but that would not be the same as being mindful of the effects of my irritability. To be mindful, I must be aware of myself in a deep aspect. Remember, eating is not the same as mindful eating. Anyone, at any time, can be mindful. There is no age requirement or religious belief system required to enjoy the benefits of being mindful.

Mindfulness is being used in educational institutions, health care facilities, prisons and board meetings all around the globe.Mindfulness at the workplace is being used at all levels, from the layman to executives. When used, mindfulness can reduce sick leave and conflicts at the workplace. In addition, job satisfaction as well as teamwork and communication improve.Mindfulness in an educational development atmosphere helps teachers and students of all ages improve their ability to understand and problem solve.

Students will be more focused and in turn, learning becomes easier. Judges and lawyers use mindfulness to review facts more clearly and reduce stress. Mindfulness is also being used in prisons to reduce violent tendencies and teach inmates how to deal with negative emotions in a more constructive manner.Chronically ill patients also benefit from practicing mindfulness.

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