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Hypnotherapy for PTSD Manchester

Hypnotherapy for PTSD Manchester

Post traumatic Stress Disorder is better known as PTSD has various symptoms associated with a particular traumatic event. Ten percent of the world’s population is affected with PTSD and anyone can be affected this with disorder. About 70% of individuals will be exposed to a traumatic event during their life and 20% of those 70% will develop Post traumatic Stress Disorder.Traumatic events vary and they can include a divorce, victim of a mugging, terrorist attack or natural disaster and witnessing events while serving in the armed forces. Rape is the leading cause of this disorder and for this reason; women are twice more likely than men to develop PTSD. People in the help industry, like first responders, emergency care workers, police and firefighters are also at risk to experience symptoms associated with PTSD. Some of the more common symptoms associated with PTSD include:


Teeth grinding


Temper tantrums

Unexplained phobias

Memory loss

Inability to relax the mind or body

A trigger is a current situation that will mentally transport the person to the time of the original event. For instance, if an individuals who served in the war is walking down the street and an car backfired, the person will react to the noise in the same way that they reacted during combat. They may begin to perspire, run for cover, and heart rate will increase as they may feel that they are reliving the traumatic incident all over again.

The main purpose of hypnotherapy is to unlock emotions that are stored in the brain so that the original traumatic even can be analysed in a safe manner and viewed from a healthier perspective.

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