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Weight Management Hypnotherapy

Weight Management Hypnotherapy

When coupled with exercise and a healthy eating plan, hypnotherapy is a useful tool to achieve your weight loss goal.When a patient is under hypnosis, their focus is intense and they are in a relaxed state of mind that allows them to be more opened to positive suggestions that will encourage behavioural changes.Imagery is one useful technique that has been proven to be effective in weight loss. For example, when in a relaxed state, image your food craving floating away in a large hot air balloon or a cotton like cloud.

The “Golden Arches” uses imagery to steer you off a healthy eating plan, but you have the power to redirect your thoughts to cast out damaging food cravings.You hold the key to success and hypnotherapists believe that everything you need to achieve total fulfillment is within you. You don’t need an unhealthy fad diet plan or dangerous diet pills to lose weight, just trust your natural abilities (like riding a bike). Of course getting on a bicycle for the first time may have been scary, but with a little effort, you were doing it naturally.

Focus on the positive. Telling yourself that “doughnuts will make you sick” is a negative thought that may work for a short while, but to have lasting effects, positive thinking is the way to go. Some hypnotic suggestions that are used during a session may include phrases like: I respect my body; I need my body to live; excess food is damaging to my body; I am required to protect my body.One hypnosis session may not get you to lose weight instance, just a jog around the block doesn’t make you a marathon runner. But when constantly repeating a positive mantra for 20 minutes each day, you will be able to transform your poor eating habits into good ones.

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