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Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

With the technology that monitors brain activity, researchers have been able to determine that clinical hypnotherapy sessions reduced chronic pain in patients on a more consistent basis than other types of pain management methods.It is hard to know exactly how hypnotherapy works in every individual, but overall, patients learn to manage pain by instructing the subconscious mind that although the pain does exist, they do not have to experience (feel) the actual pain. Hypnosis can also redirect the patient’s attention to more pleasant things, so the pain experience is severely reduced and even totally blocked from their mind.

Basically, hypnotherapy will change the way that the brain reads and responds to signals relating to pain.Studies have shown that more than 75% of voluntary participants experienced less pain for longer periods of time when undergoing hypnotherapy.Hypnotherapy for pain management works because the patients’ reaction to pain is adjusted. This type of treatment is especially beneficially for individuals that suffer with fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis and chronic headaches.

Also, when hypnotherapy is used, patients reported better surgical outcome results and greater stability in regards to their mental well-being.As an example, a patient with chronic painful arthritis may be asked (during a hypnotherapy session) to turn down the volume of pain, like a radio dial. This type of imagery gives patients the feeling that they are in control of the situation and that they are in control of the pain. It is important to note, that this type of work is for chronic pain rather than for acute pain.

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