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Therapy and Self Care

Therapy and Self Care

There is much talk these days regarding self care. It is a common subject in the popular press as well as the major news outlets. Many times these articles and stories focus on things like diet and exercise as well as work life balance. However, we should also be considering that therapy should count as self care.

All too often people believe that coming to therapy means that there is something wrong with the person attending. Now, this may be the case of course. However, more and more clients attend who are not really suffering with any particular mental health issue. Rather these people are presenting in order to keep themselves on track. Whether that means they come for a a general talk about life, or that they come to do preventative work. So often, a bit of preventative work, can avoid major issues coming up in the future.

People are far more literate about their health these days. Physical health is still something people seem to know a great deal about. However, to truly take care of yourself, you need to be just as literate about your mental health. Use therapy for both established issues as well as a preventative measure to avoid issues from coming up in the future.

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