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Cravings and Addiction are NOT The Same Thing

Cravings and Addiction are NOT The Same Thing

This is a subject I have gone into before, but as I have just read about someone “curing his roast potato addiction with hypnotherapy”. Having a roast potato desire is not the same as having an addiction. I have said it over and over again, addiction is something specific. So often the word is used, particularly in the media and popular press, badly and quite frankly offensively for anyone who has ever experienced the ravages of addiction.

Having a craving for food is having a craving nothing more. One can use hypnosis to help work through issues relating motivation and self discipline and control. But we should not make more of this than it is. I know that there are people who believe that they are addicted to certain foods. In fairness, refined sugar can have addictive properties so I am far more sympathetic to that being referred to as an addiction than I am about potatoes.

Look hypnotherapy is a very useful tool in helping with many issues, including addiction. However, remember that we should not make more of an issue that it is, this does not help the client and it does not help how the profession is looked upon by other professions.

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