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Are We Causing Problems With Counselling

Are We Causing Problems With Counselling

I was reading an interesting article today about whether or not counselling is fuelling mental health issues with university students. The premise is that people are being referred to counselling when what they need is to join a society or to look at other low level well being issues. Interestingly, I do somewhat agree with this premise.

There is a preponderance to pathologicalise people. In part it is so professionals can get a grip of a person’s issues. The other part is that it gives people a hook to hang their hat on. Giving an issue a name makes it something, which can be a relief to people. Where I disagree with this article is that counselling (or indeed any other type of therapy) can look at issues of lifestyle. Indeed, in my own practice I will often help people to look at aspects of lifestyle improvement. This includes looking at how a person can better integrate with society in general.

Loneliness is a potential mental health issue. If it is dealt with early, then there is hope that this will not lead to mental health issues in the future. Counselling and therapy are not simply about mental health, they are also about lifestyle assistance, so do not underestimate what good it can do.

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