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Its Holiday Time, A Chance to Overcome Your Fears

Its Holiday Time, A Chance to Overcome Your Fears

Well Summer has arrived and for many people they will be looking forward to a much needed and deserved holiday. But holiday season is not always something people look forward to, as this can be the time of year when people need to confront some of their deep fears and anxieties.

Flying for many people is not simply a tedious and unpleasant event, but it can be something that causes great fear and distress. Fear of flying is one of the most common fears and when it is time to take a holiday, for many the need for a flight becomes inevitable. Fear of flying is often not about a fear of crashing, but it is a claustrophobic response. Being seemingly trapped in a confined place for hours at a time really can cause people to be agitated.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective intervention for flight phobics. This can be using a solution focused approach, hypnotic regression or even good old direct suggestion. These are all ways that I have helped people overcome their fear and be able to enjoy the holiday they need and deserve. Afraid of flying? Why not try hypnotherapy?

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