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Hypnotherapy is NOT Counselling

Hypnotherapy is NOT Counselling

Today’s missive is regarding a pet peeve of mine which frankly I am getting a little tired of seeing. Hypnotherapy is hypnotherapy, it is not counselling. I am saying this because in advert after advert, website after website, and directory ad after directory ad, I see hypnotherapists saying they offer hypnotherapy and counselling. The problem is that the practitioners in question do not have a qualification to offer counselling.

Imagine how a hypnotherapist would feel if a counsellor said that they were offering hypnotherapy without an appropriate or indeed any qualification to do so. This is my point, professionals do not tread on other professional toes. Part of being a professional is to recognise competence and qualification. There is nothing in the world to stop a hypnotherapist continuing their education to include a Diploma in Counselling. Indeed, if you claim to offer counselling services it behoves you to do just that.

All too many hypnotherapists have delusions of qualification. Just because you think and believe that you can offer a service does not mean that you should or are even qualified to do so. There are plenty of clients in the world there is no reason to attempt to poach potential clients from one profession group to another. Hypnotherapists take heed, if professional boundaries are not respected voluntarily, they will be imposed statutorily.

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