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Hypnotherapists Must Stick to Their Competence

Hypnotherapists Must Stick to Their Competence

Most, if not all, professions have a set of competences which identify the work that they do. Not only about what they do but also what they should not do ethically or legally. In the UK, it appears that some hypnotherapists feel that just because the word therapist is in their title that gives them the right to work with whatever they want to work with. A person might have a passion for a field of work, but without being qualified to work with it can cause many problems for both the practitioner and their clients.

An additional issue is that I have noticed that some practitioners are writing on subjects that they have opinions on, but no qualifications to write about. Practitioners need to recognise that by virtue of their work their words can carry more weight than someone who is not. That is a responsibility and privilege that needs to be far better appreciated by both practitioner and professional bodies a like. I know that organisations want a light touch regulation, but sometimes professional bodies must regulate their member in order to protect the public and profession alike. The profession must emphasis far more strongly the need to keep within its competence or risk the survival of the profession in totality.

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