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Are Hypnotherapy Apps for Sleeping Useful

Are Hypnotherapy Apps for Sleeping Useful

I am a practitioner who embraced the use of an app for my clients. On it has several recordings that clients can utilise as an additional means of support as they are going through therapy. A questions which seems to be coming up more and more is “Are apps as good as having therapy?” This is particularly asked when it comes to sleep issues.

The short answer is “No” Applications or Apps do have a place within modern therapy. It is a great resource for assisting clients in a way that teaching self hypnosis used to. However, by the very nature of apps is that they are generic by nature.

To use a sleep recording to aid with sleep is useful, especially is a person is struggling in falling asleep or falling back to sleep when woken in the night. However, this is not a replacement in understanding and working through the issues which are causing the sleep issue in the first place. Often times, a difficulty with sleep is not the issue it is actually a symptom of a greater problem. So to simply work with the symptom will not lead to resolution, as it is likely that the issue will simply create a new symptom. So in answer to the question, apps are a useful support, but never a replacement for therapy.

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