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Communication is a Key to Good Mental Health

Communication is a Key to Good Mental Health

I know today’s topic may sound a little twee, but is absolutely a truism. Communication is a major component to good mental health. I am seeing more and more clients who are having difficulties with anxiety, stress and even their relationships. One factor that seems to be common with all of these people is that there is an issue with how they are communicating with others.

Communication is a key skill and though many call it a people skill it goes beyond that, indeed, it is a necessary survival skill. If we don’t communicate we simply do not survive. In actuality we all communicate, the trick is to understand each others style of communication in order to get a better understanding of people and circumstances.

Communication is challenged by our lifestyles. We tend to communicate in short hand, because there is always something which seems more important to do. However, this short hand, rather than making our lives easier, simply adds an additional layer of stress to our already overstressed lives. I will often suggest to clients to get back to basics when it comes to communicating. In the simplest terms, communicate with others in the way you would want to be communicated with.

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