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Is Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy the Same Thing

Is Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy the Same Thing

This may seem an odd question to be asking, however, with the proliferation of hypnotherapists calling themselves psychotherapists it seems a worthwhile question to be asking. Now, there are similarities between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. However, they are not the same thing, nor should practitioners be using these titles as if they were the same thing. I have written many times on this subject, but I notice that this issue seems to be getting worse rather than better.

Hypnotherapists in the UK are generally not trained in psychotherapeutic theories and philosophies. Nor is there are requirement for hypnotherapists to undertake personal therapy of their own before they qualify. It is an essential principle of psychotherapy that practitioners have undertaken their own psychotherapeutic journey in order to help them to become a fully rounded practitioner. Additionally, hypnotherapists are not trained in psychopathology, human development and sexuality and other relevant subjects like diversities and equalities and ethics.

When considering your issue, a potential client needs to consider what sort of practitioner would be best suited for them. This job is made harder when a person claims a title that they are not entitled to use. If you seek psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, ensure that you are seeking out a UKCP Accredited Hypno-Psychotherapist. These practitioners have significant training in both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and are accredited to provide both services.

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