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Lack of Ethics in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training

Lack of Ethics in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training

With the various methods that advertisers have a way to reach us via our browsing histories and websites we visit. If these did not exist, I would not have my subject for today. I have received notification of a sale on “Fully Accredited” Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy trainings. These courses are being offered for a bargain basement price of less than £200 and their accreditation is through a body which has nothing to do with the practise of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Now. of course, professionals know that these courses have no meaning academically or professionally, but there are some members of the public who will be taken in by these offers. Whilst it is down to the consumers to do their homework as to how valuable these courses are, it is disgraceful that these “programmes” are being offered at all. There is no way that the people offering these courses don’t know that what they are providing is basically worthless both professionally and academically. This knowledge does not seem to stop them from trying to turn a profit. This is sad, as to be a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist is a honour. Like most honours, they need to be earned and not on the cheap. Remember to always ask your practitioner about his or her training and accreditation before you engage their services.

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