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Road Years

Road Years

I have often discussed with my younger clients and students that age is not really important when one has road years. Now, road years are the experiences in life that can and do happen at any age and time which add to our wisdom. Wisdom in my view is about experience rather than age. I have known many “elder statesmen” who lack a degree of life experience that many “young bucks” have.

I mention this because I believe that it is very important that we embrace the things which go to create us. Our most life growing experiences are seldom things that we look back on with joy. The are the hardships, the lessons, and yes even the failures which give us the knowledge and wisdom to develop as human beings.

I will often get clients who will ask me to hypnotise them to forget a situation or a person or a negative feeling. They are often disappointed at first when I tell them that this is not possible. However, hypnosis can be used to help rationalise and normalise experiences so that they are no longer a negative factor in a person’s life. I urge you all to make peace with your road years and rather than discount them, celebrate that they have helped you become who you are today.

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