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Change of Season

Chainge of Season

The summer has come to an end and the autumn is about to begin. I have always been partial to the autumn as to me it is a representation of change. That is to say that in order to make a transition one first needs to change and let things go. The falling of the leaves of the trees seem a perfect metaphor for that.

However, just because I am partial to the autumn, doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same. The nights close in and it gets colder and darker. For some people this is an ideal metaphor for their emotional state. For these people the change in season can lead to a change in mental and emotional states.

The first line of mental health is self awareness. All too often people who suffer with mental health issues do not realise that they are in trouble until it is too late and the issue has taken root. The change from summer to autumn can be a catalyst for negative emotional and psychological change. I urge my clients to be mindful of their feelings at this time of year and that they should do whatever they can to find joy in the changing season. It may not fix an issue, but it will make an issue more tolerable.

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