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She’s a real therapist but does hypnotherapy on top of that

She’s a real therapist but does hypnotherapy on top of that

I don’t usually use a direct quote in my daily post, but I saw this and felt that it summed up a feeling that I believe has to be expressed. The above is a quote from Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas. It was her description of the therapist that she has been seeing to get help with her life.

The problem with this statement is a common one, I am a psychotherapist who uses hypnotherapy, indeed my designation in the UK Council for Psychotherapy is a Hypno-Psychotherapist. Hypnotherapy is not something that should be seen as an almost non-serious approach to augment the more serious business of psychotherapy.

Hypnosis was and is used by psychotherapists because it is an evidenced based technique that helps people overcome many psychological and emotional issues. Whilst I accept that there are some practitioners and organisations which still make hypnosis and hypnotherapy seem like a joke at best and dangerous at worst.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way to work in a solution orientated way in a relatively short term basis to help clients to achieve their goals. I will say that all hypnotherapists are not trained psychotherapists, and I would certainly suggest that you check the credentials of any practitioner that you would want to consult. Remember a therapist can never be too qualified to help you, but can certainly be under qualified in certain cases.

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