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Smoking Packaging Will It Make Any Difference

Smoking Packaging Will It Make Any Difference

So the time has come for cigarettes to be sold in plain, drab green packaging. Also, terms like low tar and organic have been removed. Finally, packs of 10 are no more, this apparently to aid in stopping children from taking up the habit. Will any of this make a difference? Probably not. Many of these changes are superficial and do not deal with the heart of the matter with smoking which is treat smokers like adults. Give smokers the truth about addiction, cancer and lung disease. Scare tactics do not work and in the small instances where they impact behaviour they do not last.

Changing the colour of the pack of cigarettes will simply cause people to go back to the way things used to be when smoking was at its height. People will begin to use cigarette cases or holsters for the packs. After all, people are ingenious if they do not like the look of something they will simply change the look.

I believe that public education, honest public education is the only way to stop people from smoking and that anything like what is happening now is nothing more than window dressing. Motivate people to be non smokers and you will succeed in halting the smoking habit in its tracks.

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