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The Importance of the Therapeutic Reframe

The Importance of the Therapeutic Reframe

While giving thought as to what to write about today, I came across an article where a person with Autism uses his condition to win at pinball. I was impressed how this young man was able to reframe his condition and use it as a strength rather than as an issue. This led me to remind myself as to the importance of the therapeutic reframe. For some it is seen as overly simplistic “every cloud has a sliver lining” and so forth. However, the reframe can be a therapeutic truism as all things can be turned into being positive.

So often, I see clients who feel as though their issue is an anchor which is weighing them down rather than seeing it as a potential strength. Indeed, many of the people who we revere either now or from history, have had issues which on the surface would be considered a handicap. However, these people have used this in order to inform their character which allowed them to draw strength from adversity and become iconic in their own right. So, I often tell clients to look at their issues as a potential strength and to use it to move themselves forward to a future which they desire.

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