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Suicide is the Biggest Killer of Men Under 50

Suicide is the Biggest Killer of Men Under 50

For many people this will be a shock. we hear so much about diseases like cancer and hear disease, but very little is discussed about suicide. Now the reason for this is clear, suicide is still considered by many people a taboo subject. Suicide scares us and when it happens close to us it leaves a sense of loss which is difficult to come to terms with. The reason for this is that most people cannot understand the mind of a suicidal person.

After all, suicide is in direct contradiction to our most basic human drive. The drive to survive is something that usually overrides all other concerns. However, for the suicidal person, this dive seems to be lacking. For the suicidal person, the stain of life is far greater than any hopes that life is worth living.

The best defence against suicide is simple, we all need to listen more. People who are desperate enough to want to end their lives, often just need to be heard. Being heard is not about solving their problems, it is simply about listening without judgement. Listening is something that we can all do, whether trained as a therapist or not. I urge you all to listen to those around you and perhaps we can turn around this frightening statistic which is a danger to a large group of men.

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