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Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction

I often tell my students that issues often come in bursts. What I mean is there will be weeks where I do not get any smokers enquiring then a week where I will get 5 or more enquiries. In other words, the issues that a hypo-psychotherapist works with is very seldom a constant.

As with all rules, however, there are exceptions and male sexual dysfunction is one such example. There is not a week that goes by where I do not get multiple enquiries regarding the big 2 male sexual issues. They are ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and PE (Premature Ejaculation). These issues are primarily related to an anxiety about sexual performance. I will often remind these clients that sex is not a competition, so performance is not an issue. Intimacy, rather than sex, is about a connection a relationship a deep feeling of love for the other person.

All too often men folk like to brag about their sexual exploits, and actually that is all it is bragging. There is no proof that your mate is any more of a sexual stallion than you are. However, this bragging can be a defence mechanism about a person’s own sexual anxieties and frustrations. It is time for men to be honest about their sexual issues and to relook at sex as being about intimacy rather than a biomechanical process which in and of itself has no meaning without emotion.

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