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Why Do We Never Look At Christian Fundamentalism

Why Do We Never Look At Christian Fundamentalism

I know that this post will probably make a few people uncomfortable this Sunday, but I think as both a psychotherapist and human being it is time for us to look at eradicating hatred in all its forms. Ask some people on the street, and many are quick to condemn issues relating to Islam. However, what about criticising some of the blatent hatred and discrimination espoused by Christian fundamentalists. The issue I am referring to at the moment, is the treatment of the LGBT community in some Christian quarters.

It has been reported that a Tory MP candidate received a donation from an organisation which sets out to “cure” members of the LGBT community by making them straight. This is a disgusting practice which I have written on several times. What I find particularly offensive about this today, is how we as a society allow this discrimination and abuse to exist under the umbrella of Christianity rather than exposing it for the hate that it is. How is it that when people pervert Islam we are so quick to condemn it. However when people pervert Christianity we simply allow it. We do not prosecute these perversions because it is their sincere beliefs.

Beliefs must adhere to the rule of law. We do not allow people to not pay their taxes because they have religious beliefs which contradict it. Why then should we allow any discrimination, from any faith to be acceptable in our liberal society. We must put an end to hate and discrimination and a good place to start is to expose practitioners of reparative therapy as the bigots they are. Anyone who benefits financially from such people and organisations should be ashamed of themselves.

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