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Depression: The Leading Cause of Disability in the World

Depression: The Leading Cause of Disability in the World

Yes you read the title correctly, depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. The is claimed by the World Health Organisation, who are best placed to know about such matters. 4% of the world’s population suffer with depression with the young, pregnant and post partum women and the elderly suffering the most.

When I have written about this in the past, I have often referred to a sociological cost. That is to say, there is a price that society has to pay if this is to remain unchecked. The cost in monetary terms is $1 trillion a year, yes that’s right one billion billion per year. If you think that is bad, there is more bad news, women are 1.5 times more likely to suffer with depression than men. This coupled with 250 million people living with anxiety disorders world wide with 80% of those with mental illness residing in low to middle income nations, the implications are obvious.

Forgive this leap, but this is Shaun saying this rather than the WHO, if 80% of countries with middle to low income suffer with depression, is it any wonder that there is a growth in radicalisation? Perhaps, politicians should stop vilifying Islam and vilify the real enemy, poor mental health especially depression.

It is often said that there can be no good health without good mental health, I would like to add the following thought, there can be no security in the world without good mental health. This is not beyond us as a people to confront, we need to hold our leaders to these facts and insist that the matter is given the attention it is due. Depression knows no religion, colour or creed, it is this which is an enemy of the people not the people themselves.

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