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Does Hypnosis Require Faith

Does Hypnosis Require Faith

The title for today may sound as though I am trying to incorporate hypnosis with theology. I can assure you that both have their place but not necessarily with each other. What I mean today, is whether or not hypnosis requires a belief in it in order to be successful. If you think about it, if you require surgery, you do not need to “believe” in surgery for it to be effective. The question is whether a belief in the process of hypnosis, hypnotising or hypnotherapy is needed for the approach to work.

The simple answer which I give to my clients and students is that hypnosis is not an article of faith. Which in simple terms means that hypnosis is not something that you need to believe in in order to work. However, there is an element of the therapeutic relationship that is needed if hypnosis is to be used as a therapeutic intervention. In other words, if a client has reservations about the therapist for any reason at all, it is unlikely that hypnosis or any other approach for that matter will be effective.

So in a nutshell, hypnosis exists outside of any need to believe in it. However, for it to be used as a therapeutic intervention, one must have a certain belief and trust in the person delivering it.

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