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Living With Fear

Living With Fear

Anxiety and fear is something that is rather common place at the moment. Whether that fear is created by things directly under the control of the individual or not people have learned that fear is very much a part of their everyday lives. When a person experiences fear, there is a natural desire to fight it to overpower it to get past it. These are all very good and positive things to do. With my clients I have two other suggestions for it, try to understand it and also to make peace with it.

When I say try to understand it, I don’t mean in a superficial way, I mean to really try to understand the reason that your fear exists. Try to get under the skin of it and learn what it represents to you and if this is the symptom of a greater issue. Make peace with it means to learn to accept it’s existence. The reality is that in order to overcome fear you must first accept it’s existence and how it makes you feel. Denying your feelings or even trying to discount them can lead to the fear staying with you much longer than needed. In many ways it goes back to the points I have made in other posts about being in the now. Once you are in the now and accept what is now, you can begin to move forward.

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