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And The Winner Is NOBODY

And The Winner Is NOBODY

Well unless you have had your head buried in the sand, you cannot help but to have noticed that it is awards season in Hollywood. I thought I would talk a little today about “award winning” therapists for my piece today. It is hard to do a search for a therapist, hypnotherapist particularly but other types as well, without coming across the description “Award Winning Therapist”. Now this I admit sounds impressive, even I have used that description for myself. However, the difference is that the awards I have picked up in my career are from the professional bodies within my field and not a “pay per award” organisation which seems to be overtaking the degree mill sellers of the 1990’s.

Awards are great, they show a level of accomplishment which falls outside of the traditional qualification structure. But, like qualifications themselves, these are not a guarantee of a practitioner’s skill or competence. This is especially true when you see awards being made to people from bodies which ask you to pay for the award itself. This is not uncommon, I have seen “Doctor of the Year”, “Man of the Year”, “International Who’s Who” and other such titles, which with a little investigation are traced back to bodies which sell these awards as their business.

These are vanity awards, which are harmless on the surface, but become a real problem in our world as they are used to imply that the holders of these awards are superior to those who don’t. I would argue as well that being given an award like “Business Woman of the Year” might be a nice designation, but it does not represent a practitioner’s ability as a therapist. So, dear reader, as usual, I will leave you with the message that before employing a therapist, you do a thorough check of the claims he or she is making, you will not regret it I assure you.

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