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Make Resiliency The Word of Everyday

Make Resiliency The Word of Everyday

There are several things that people say are necessary for a healthy mental life. When I have been asked what is absolutely necessary for good mental health I always say it’s resilance, resilience and resilience. Historically, and sociologically the people who have tended to thrive are the people who have managed to bounce back from difficult situations. This is, of course, what we refer to as resilience. Resilience is something that in my view is absolutely required to get through life in as unscathed a way as possible.

The irony of course is that in order to be able to develop resilience one has to endure some level of unhappiness and difficulty. By doing this a person develops not only a desensitisation to the difficulty, but also can make associations with other issues causing difficulty and using the lessons which lead to resilancy as a means of overcoming those as well.

I generally recommend to my clients to look at the times in their lives when they have overcome difficulties and then I use hypnosis to help them to associate with the feelings they had then in order to overcome what is happening now. This can then be used for future challenges and thereby developing greater and greater resilancy. So let resiliency be the word of today and every day.

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