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Food Obsession

Food Obsession

One of the more common issues I deal with in my practice is the desire to manage weight and develop a more healthy relationship with food for my clients. For many who have never struggled with weight issues, it might be difficult to understand how food can become like an obsession. However, if you look around, you might just be able to ascertain why food for some people has become less about nutrition and far more about desire and obsession.

In the western world we are literally surrounded by food. Be that in front of us in the form of meals or on television as advertisements or cookery programmes, as news features as to what is good or bad for us. You cannot move for the mention of food in society. When did we become so obsessed with the idea that food had to be exotic or trendy or in some way more than simply food.

For people who suffer with food obsession, this is like pornography, they see it they want it and in the end they have to have it. Now I am not saying that the glamorising of food is a bad thing in and of itself. Many people enjoy all that life has to offer in this regard and have no difficulties with weight or food issues. But spare a thought for those who find this temptation much too tempting and maybe we as a society need to get food back in perspective, necessary but not the only thing in the world.

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