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Banish Negative People

Banish Negative People

So often I get people coming to me who are really suffering with reactive depression. Reactive depression is a depression which usually has an external cause. For example, one might experience this at the break up of a relationship or a redundancy. As regular readers will know, I have spent a great deal of these posts discussing the pros and cons of social media. Anyone who has been involved with social media long enough will have people who are generally negative. With what the freedom the internet provides, it gives certain people license to be publicly negative.

This negativity is fine for them, but thanks to social media that negativity can spread out to all their friends and followers. If you are already in a vulnerable place, this surrogate negativity can have a very bad effect on your mental health.

I am not saying that you should close your social media accounts today, that would be foolish and highly impractical. What I do suggest to clients is that they are a little more judicious as to who they have as friends and followers. Obviously, negative people do not always present this way at the beginning, but when they do, it might be wise to either unfriendly them or if you cannot do that mute their comments. Keep other people’s negativity away from you and you will find that you feel so much the better for it.

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