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Mind Your Claims

Mind Your Claims

Following on from yesterdays offering regarding the Diet Chef advertisement which was banned by the ASA, I would like to talk today a bit more about claims made by therapists. I read an article recently which basically lambasted hypnotherapists for their extraordinary claims as to their successes. This article also had quotes from those who have always had a stated position that hypnosis should be practised only by Doctors, Dentists, and Psychologists. The article was one sided, but there was a fair point made. Too many practitioners make too many ludicrous claims of success without any back up for it.

The claims, however, are not limited to the efficacy of treatment. There are also claims by practitioners that they are qualified to work with particular issues (eg Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or client groups (eg Children) when they have no real specialist training and really no business working in these areas. I always stress to my clients that it is essential that they understand not only what hypnosis can be used for therapeutically, but just as important what it cannot and should not be used for.

If you are a client seeking therapy, please verify what claims the practitioner makes. Ask questions, ask for evidence. If you are a practitioner, for goodness sake, please act in a responsible manner. We are very fortunate in the UK to have very little restrictions to clinical practice, but the time could come where if we cannot keep our own house in order, someone will come in and do it for us.

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