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Turning Negative into Positive

Turning Negative into Positive

Sometimes negative behaviour can be destructive, we can find positives from within negatives, no matter how small.  Let me give you an example ….

Negative: I am stuck in a traffic jam!

We have all experienced that, but how can be adapted to be a positive? Well how about this:-

Positive: It could be worse; I could be two miles back.

A subtle change that makes all the difference, it starts to grow and develop the optimistic side that had been dominated by the pessimistic side that can grow to dominate us.  It always seems so doom and gloom on that pessimistic side, but grow optimism and watch everything become different.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

So when you find yourself being negative, you need to do the following.  Write down that negative, how you can change it, can you approach it from another angle and finally what you achieved or will achieve the next time!

It should be noted, that this is just the first step in turning a negative into a positive. There is no point in thinking positively, but acting negatively. Positive intentions and thoughts must always be followed by positive actions.

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