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Hypnotherapy and Hype

Hypnotherapy and Hype

Today, I am returning to a theme about hypnotherapy and hype. A couple of years ago the Spectator wrote an article on Hypnotherapy and hype. This article looked at some claims made by hypnotherapists and how these measured up in reality.

Needless to say, there was a mixed bag of results. The point I would like to make is one that I have made many times in the past. In my class yesterday, I pointed out to my students that here in the UK we are very fortunate to practise with little restriction. This, however, can change and that change will be brought about by rouge practitioners and unethical business and clinical practice. This will inevitably lead to the government having to act with legislation.

There are many, many issues that hypnotherapy can assist with. We do not need hype we need earnest practitioners doing the job. This hype is not only about hypnotherapy practise, but also about hypnotherapists too. If practitioners would stick to verifiable descriptions and titles rather than hyping themselves up, it would benefit the profession as well as the public. The long and the short of it is that hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists do not need hype, just good practise.

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