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Hypnotherapy and Stress Issues

Hypnotherapy and Stress Issues

Well today is the last of the three S’s and that’s stress issues. Stress is a generic catch all for pretty much all behavioural issues a therapist might encounter. Issues like anxiety, phobias, general performance issues and confidence and esteem issues all have a component of stress management to it.

Stress in and of itself is not a problem. Indeed one definition of stress is the resistance that the heart pumps up against in order to function. So it is necessary for life. However, stress can become an issue effecting our health and well being.

Lack of sleep, poor appetite, lack of libido, and irritation can be clues that a person is struggling with their stress levels. Now hypnosis can be relaxing but hypnotherapy for stress management is not simply about relaxation. It is about installing strategies that will help the client better recognise and manage stressful situations. So, in this instance hypnotherapy in working with stress is very much a psycho-educational in delivery. Stress is not something that can simply be eradicated, it needs to be lived with and managed. Hypnotherapy is an exceptionally good way to accomplish this with the client being the centre of their own treatment.

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