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Bogus Prestige

Bogus Prestige

I must receive at least 3-5 emails a week trying to sell me on doing another course, more skills to add to my portfolio etc. One thing I could not help notice in nearly all of these advertisements. That is the bigging up of the venue that the course is going to be held at. Be that The Royal Society of Medicine, or a prestigious university, or hospital, the venue is pitched as being very important.

Now, the reason for this is simple, it is designed to make the association of the venue to the training. Though it is seldom said, there is an intrinsic implication that the course being run is recognised by the venue. This is especially true when trainers rent a venue at a university. There are practitioner trainings which are far more blatant about trying to associate their course with the University venue, even putting the venue on the qualification awarded.

If you are looking to add to your training or even to become a practitioner, please be judicious about your choice and do not be bamboozled by what appears to be recognition which does not exist and bogus prestige. Great training can be delivered in the middle of a field, the venue may be nice, but it is window dressing to the education to be received.

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