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Remember Your Temper In The Heat

Remember Your Temper In The Heat

Well, it is truly scorchio out there. Yesterday, today, tomorrow all promise to be very hot in the temperature department. Indeed, it is being said that it will be the hottest days on record. The advice that comes from the news and NHS is what to do to keep cool in this weather. One thing that is not often discussed is that the high temperatures can lead to high incidents of anger related incidents.

Anger can be a positive emotion depending how and when it is expressed. The when is very important, if one is angry, one should express it at the time of the anger rather than holding on to it. Unresolved anger is a real problem for a person’s mental health. If the anger is unresolved, and a person is physically uncomfortable (let’s say because of the unusual heat) it can lead to very unpleasant ramifications.

One way around this is for a person to work through their unresolved anger with the assistance of therapy. I see every week, people who are in difficulty with anger issues. They use my office as a safe place to explore their issues and through a variety of approaches work through their anger. So thanks to the weather, they are just uncomfortable, rather than uncomfortable and angry.

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