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Therapy for Gambling Issues

Therapy for Gambling Issues

I get asked about gambling by both my students and members of the public quite a bit. Gambling issues has become far more of an issue since the advent of online gabling and gambling applications. People younger and younger are being exposed to it thanks to what can only be described as aggressive advertising on the television. This advertising is not only being done during sporting events but for shows of general interest.

Now, is there anything wrong with gambling? No, but with a caveat. The caveat is that the gambling is under control and the person doing the gambling can afford to lose the money that is being wagered. Let’s be honest, for the vast majority of gamblers, the money they bet they will lose, so it behoves them to be sure that this is money that can be afforded to be lost rather than money for the rent or food.

Gambling provides the thrill of being able to score big and to change a person’s life with winning money that can be used for a plethora of things that the person may want. The reality is that often, monies won are often lost again because people who habitually gamble do not have an end game in sight nor do they have the discipline to walk away when they are ahead.

Various types of psychotherapy, such as hypno-psychotherapy, outcome oriented psychotherapy, and CBT can be very effective in assisting clients to curtail their gambling habits in order to have a new lease on their lives. It is never too late to get a grip on this, and if you are struggling, maybe you should consider therapy as a potential solution.

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