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It’s Time To Stop Referencing Stage Hypnosis

It’s Time To Stop Referencing Stage Hypnosis

All too many publicity pieces in the media as well as on hypnotherapists websites reference the idea that people first learn about hypnosis by watching stage hypnotists on TV making people do this and that on stage. The problem with that is it simply is not true. Oh maybe, 20 or more years ago, but there has not been a stage act on television regularly for at least that long.

It also negates the popular publicity that hypnosis now enjoys in the popular press. Articles about hypnotic birthing, or using hypnosis for anxiety or helping to overcome difficulties with food, drink or drugs far, far outweigh the notion of the stage hypnotist and his or her tricks.

The more we reference stage hypnosis in our story, the more we legitimize it. I know that there are some in our field who do not see this as a bad thing. Indeed, there are some who actively embrace the use of stage hypnosis to further the cause of hypnotherapy. I genuinely believe that this is just as wrong as dentists referring back to their history of being originally being done by barbers.

Let’s focus on the positive present of hypnosis, rather than the twee and sensationalism of the past. Hypnotherapists have much to be proud of, be proud of it.

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