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Therapeutic Wisdom and Knowledge

Therapeutic Wisdom and Knowledge

For regular readers of my blog, you will know the importance that I place on hypnotherapists and psychotherapists being properly trained to do the work that they do. However, is training alone enough to make an excellent therapist? The answer is NO. In reality, the training practitioner receives is the foundation to build on, without this there is really no way for a therapist to be able to understand what it is he or she should be doing in sessions and how to recognise what they are and are not qualified and competent to work with.

True therapeutic knowledge and wisdom comes from the very people that we work with. Therapy is a bespoke process even when people present with issues that we have all seen before. Things like anxiety, for example, have similarities in all clients. However, how a client manifests their issue and how inevitably they overcome it, is unique to the individual. This uniqueness should lead therapists to new knowledge and understanding, and yes even wisdom.

Our clients are here to be helped, but they also provide the therapist valuable insights into the therapeutic process and can help to educate us to be better practitioners. So today, I would like to thank my clients for helping to shape me into the therapist I am today.

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