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Hypnotherapy and SCUBA

Hypnotherapy and SCUBA

As we get closer and closer to the summer holiday season, an issue which is perhaps not obvious seems to present itself more than ever. People are getting more and more into SCUBA diving. Whilst this is a very healthy and exciting pursuit, it can be a real challenge anxiety-wise. Though the sea may seem limitless, being in a wetsuit, mask and breathing through a mouthpiece, can cause issues relating to claustrophobia, which is often a surprise to people experiencing it.

One cannot deny that carrying weight on your back whist wearing a mask and breathing through a mouthpiece can be difficult, it is certainly something that can be overcome. The key with hypnotherapy, in my view, is that marvellous state of relaxation that often accompanies it. This relaxation can translate very easily whilst being suited up doing SCUBA. An additional benefit is that if you are in a nice state of relaxation you will be breathing more easily and therefore using less oxygen which will make the SCUBA experience far more enjoyable.

Using self hypnosis for a variety of sporting activities can really enhance the experience, and may well make you a little better at the activity, which will keep you motivated to keep going with it.

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