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Hypnotherapy Without Scripts

Hypnotherapy Without Scripts

Whilst thinking about what to write about today, I came across an article, well a puff piece really, where a hypnotherapy trainer was making a big point about teaching people to do hypnotherapy without the need for scripts. As a trainer of hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists since 1993, I can only say “This is obvious and frankly sad that it needs to be said”. A great hypnotist, Ormond McGill once said that hypnosis is an art and science. He meant that hypnosis had a scientific base, but it was an art as to how it was delivered.

Scripts for the inexperienced hypnotherapist is an absolute must, but not as something to be learned by rote, but rather as a template to understand the linguistic structure of how to deliver hypnosis in the most effective way possible. If hypnotherapy was a script based process, those who have questioned it’s therapeutic value would be correct in doing so. Reading is a great skill, but it is not something that a person should be paid up to £170 per session for.

Newbies should learn, but no practitioner should be going out and working with the public without being able to deliver a hypnotic session without any scripts. This is the responsibility of the trainers, and it is high time, the majority takes this seriously.

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