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Are Apps as Good as Live Therapy

Are Apps as Good as Live Therapy

Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it? I admit that I organise my life with my various iProducts. My scheduling has never been better organised and the apps that are available today are great for travel, hotels, and banking. However, there is a proliferation of apps that are meant to be therapeutic. Indeed, Brookhouse Hypnotherapy has its own app to serve as a convenience and reinforcement for therapy. These are not the types of app I am referring to, I am referring to the idea that an app can do the therapy for you rather than going to live therapy.

Now, as I previously said, apps are great to help clients for convenience as well as using hypnotherapy recordings to reinforce the work that we do in session. However, there is no app that is a replacement for bespoke live face to face therapy. Technology is a servant of the people rather than the master, and whilst we do rely on technology, but we need to remember that human interaction is the best way to deal with human issues.

So remember, apps are a convenience, but they are not a replacement for a qualified, competent therapist providing face to face therapeutic services.

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